Project date

09/2020 – 06/2021


Liff Studio s. r. o.


UX Research, Branding, SaaS landing pages, App UI

Case Study: DigiTerapie

Project background

A happier life starts with taking care of yourself

The project was created at a pandemic time when we were all facing the pitfalls, both our own and those of the Covid-19 pandemic. The aim of the project was to lighten the stress load on mental health and break down the dogma of going to therapy being something to be ashamed of.

The main goal was to spread awareness about mental health and bring it as comfortably as possible to the people.

My role and team

My role in the project was UI/UX designer together with the product manager we invented features based on research of similar applications. We created a list of features that others are missing and will be the main USP in our project. We discussed the features with the end users of the app i.e. psychotherapists and professionals.

We created the app on the agency’s design system that was already used on the project and the entire technical core of the system was ready. In the designs I focused on specific target personas (client/therapist) and their needs.

Individual new features and flows were then passed on to the development team, which was represented by front-end and back-end developers.


Origin of the project

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of people experiencing excessive stress, overload, worry or a significant drop in mood. Our aim was to appeal to the fact that taking care of your psyche is as normal as going to the dentist.

Brand, Web & UI/UX Designer - Petr Válek

Business Opportunities

Prepare an online platform that helps people with mental health issues from the comfort of their own home. The core of the whole app can be leveraged to other counselling disciplines.

The main opportunities of DigiTherapy

  • Increase awareness of mental health
  • Simplify the process of getting a choking cleanse
  • Simplify administration and getting the necessary practice for psychotherapists

Širší pohled na využití platformy

  • Simplifying paid online video consultations
  • Apply to other disciplines e.g. legal advice etc.

OnBoarding user flows

Client – Meeting registration

Successful user flow with illustrative payment logic in the form of a payment gateway or credit purchase. Note: No technical issues like insufficient money on the card, forgotten password, etc.

Brand, Web & UI/UX Designer - Petr Válek
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Therapist – setting up an online practice

User flow for registering an online therapy practice with filling in information about yourself and professional registration, which is linked to eligibility verification and subsequent creation of an online practice.

Brand, Web & UI/UX Designer - Petr Válek

User flows testing

Testing was conducted via video call directly with the selected therapists who participated in the project.

During the initial interview, we asked how their whole working process with the client works and what problems they face in their professional work. We sorted all the comments so that they could be incorporated into our application model, including priorities for platform development.

Hi-Fi Design
I converted the individual app artboards into a usable prototype in Figma, which we presented “silently” without our input. We checked how the therapists were going through the app and where they saw a hitch or snag on their part over a given component. We were able to present the entire prototype as a working application from the start.

The evidence from testing on real users gave us many insights and ideas that we had overlooked or found overly obvious in usability. The overall result helped us to refine the platform for a later stage in expanding to other domains.

Final design

Landing pages

Brand, Web & UI/UX Designer - Petr Válek

App – Client

  • Choosing a date for a session with a therapist
  • “Catalogue” of therapists
  • Sessions (video-call)
  • Creating an account
  • Client dashboard
Brand, Web & UI/UX Designer - Petr Válek

App – Therapist

  • Therapis’s dashboard
  • Onboarding
  • Calendar
  • Pricing and billing settings
Brand, Web & UI/UX Designer - Petr Válek